A day in the life: WA-2! Field Account Manager - WA-2! Coffee Services

A day in the life: WA-2! Field Account Manager

Ever wondered how our products get from Point A to Point B? Meet Rayne, one of our awesome field account managers. He’s responsible for delivering delicious coffee, tea and dairy options in Vancouver - he’s also responsible for servicing office kitchen equipment across Greater Vancouver, and making sure our customers always experience great taste and great service.

Rayne says the best part of his job is interacting with his customers and providing Great Taste and Great Service to them. Plus, every day is different!

Watch this video to see what an average day for Rayne looks like:

A day in the life of a WA-2! Field Account Manager

7:00 am - Pack up for a day of deliveries

Rayne goes to the WA-2! warehouse to pick up what he needs for deliveries. The warehouse is a surprisingly interesting place. With dozens of product-filled shelves reaching from floor to high ceiling, everything is nicely categorized. An industrial fridge keeps perishables cool, and the warehouse manager, Paul, keeps everything organized.

Rayne’s mostly delivering coffee to offices around Downtown Vancouver, Langley and Coquitlam  today. “This one is the Full Brazilian--Buddhakind Coffee, one of our most popular brands. Today, we’ve got four of these going out.”

9:30 am - It’s time to start delivering

Carefully stacked crates and boxes keep everything safe and upright during the drive. Rayne has been doing this for 6 months now, and has it down to a science. He’s ready to get in the van and get on the road!

10:30 am - Make sure coffee stations are fresh

Rayne doesn’t just make deliveries; he also keeps WA-2! coffee stations fresh and functional. “Today we’re cleaning this station for...I think there’s around 100 employees for this location,” he says. “So we make sure all the air pots are nice and clean. We make sure everyone gets a fresh tasting cup of coffee. Great taste, great service!”

He stocks the cupboards with fresh bags of coffee before heading off to visit another customer.

1:30 pm - Keeping people happy all day

By now, Rayne has visited around 8 customers, all of whom are glad to see him. With a constant smile on his face and sticking to a reliable schedule, Rayne does a great job of making customers happy.

“Another satisfied customer enjoying our free delivery service” says Rayne. “And servicing all of the equipment they have. Off to the next stop! Go WA-2!.”

4:30 - Back to the warehouse after a busy day

Rayne pulls into the warehouse parking lot after visiting 15 customers. That’s a wrap! The van is empty and ready to be refilled with a new batch of orders tomorrow.

Do you have any questions for Rayne? Let us know in the comments below.

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