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We think WA-2!ers have great taste!

We are WA-2!. Our business is phenomenal-tasting office coffee, and making people happy. Our mission is simple: provide Western Canada with industry-leading services and products, with customer experience so good, our fans talk to their friends about us while drinking our coffee!

What we’re looking for:

Our growth relies on finding and retaining the best team members to deliver the exceptional service our customers expect - and our reputation demands. We’re always looking for awesome people to join our team.

What people say about you:

People tell me I run a pretty tight ship. I have a knack for leading people to discover their passions, be a winner and shoot for a common goal. I’m a self starter and have an ability to identify and solve business problems quickly. I’m passionate about customer experience, and understand that how I interact with customers has a direct impact on how my customers feel about my company. I love change and am easily adaptable. I'm fun to work with because I love business and understand the importance of loyalty, trust, listening, self-confidence and setting goals to better myself and the world around me.

No positions available currently


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