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Keep staff productive, energized, and happy.  

You want premium coffee and modern brewing equipment. So does your team. Guess what - we have all your favourite blends, your latest coffee brewers, dairy, non dairy alternatives, sweeteners and more. How would it feel to see phenomenal-tasting coffee delivered to your office on a set schedule by smiling, knowledgeable friendly WA-2!ers?

Delivery and coffee brewer rentals are free. 

Great news! There is no charge for regular scheduled coffee deliveries and we do not charge for coffee equipment rentals, maintenance or installation. These brewers can be heavy, so we’ll deliver them for free, too. All we want is for you to  your office coffee!

What kind of coffee do you serve?

Better coffee means happier staff, so we only use specialty-grade, top quality products that offer the freshest, best-tasting results. The beans are often still warm when we get them in - now that’s fresh!

Enjoy a variety of traditional, mouthwatering coffee beans for multiple servings, or try our supply of single cup pods - all compostable and easy on the planet.


Whole Bean & Ground Coffee



This is our customers’ #1 choice! Created by a true hippie who started out roasting coffee on a BBQ, Buddhakind crafts small-batch blends that are rich, smooth and well-balanced, and appeal to a wide range of coffee drinkers. Buddhakind is one of Vancouver's favourite coffee brands in grocery stores and exclusive to WA-2! for office delivery!


WA-2!’s very own high-end coffee brand is freshly roasted in small batches in Vancouver. Our roasts are darker by nature and are carefully selected based on profiles most desired in office settings. Our Impresso line is a big reason why we are Vancouver's fastest growing office coffee supplier!


Indulge in some phenomenal-tasting, local coffee that comes in a variety of medium, dark and seasonal roasts. The team at JJ Bean take great pride in freshness and taste, and we are proud to offer their coffees as one our longest partnerships!


Vancouver and Calgary’s premier Italian-style coffee house and bistro offers superior roasts driven by Italian passion and tradition. Caffe Artigiano was one of the early roasters to shape the evolving coffee scene in Vancouver and they have stayed true to their roasting style to this day.


Their beginnings were largely influenced by the coffee scenes in San Francisco and Milan. The word "Moja" comes from the Swahili word for "one", as the founders believed that single origin was the best way to showcase great coffees. Today, Moja is one of the hottest new names in Western Canada's coffee scene as they continue to roast some of the finest beans the globe has to offer. 


Everyone knows someone who will only drink Starbucks Coffee. We are proud to offer a few of their top sellers to you, our awesome customers! Loyal followers choose Starbucks because of their high-quality beans and consistency around the world. Those are two of our values too so we are happy to have this world class roaster as a partner.


Canada's favourite coffee! Roasted in Ancaster, Ontario, we are proud to offer the specially crafted Original recipe that has remained unchanged for over 50 years. Tim's ethically sources and carefully selects only 100% Premium Arabica beans for peak freshness. Expertly blended and roasted to perfection.


Single Serve Coffee (K-Cups & Compostable Pods)



OneCoffee proudly roasts K-Cup compatible products that are all Organic & Fair Trade. These K-Cups™ are 100% compostable, while also being 100% delicious. OneCoffee was one of the first coffee roasters in Canada (if not maybe the 1st) to offer k-cup style coffees in an environmentally friendly style. Now you can enjoy the convenience of a single serving style coffee and feel good about it with every sip.


We are excited to also offer some of this Seattle roaster's carefully crafted coffees in K-Cups style packaging. Same consistent taste, and now even more conveniently enjoyed.


What would our K-Cup lineup be without the Original Blend? Well, no need to answer that question because its available right here for you to order and enjoy.

 Compostable Pods

Brew a single cup of gourmet coffee without worrying about leftovers. These pods look like tea bags and are 100% compostable. 



Try WA-2!’s office coffee and specialty tea for free!

You want to be sure that partnering with WA-2! is a great decision. We get it. That’s why we offer a one-day free trial, where we’ll supply your office with free coffee for a day! Call us at 1-866-292-8363 or fill out this form to get a taste of how happy we make our customers.


We will set up a custom program, just for you! 

How much does your staff love their coffee? We’ll build you a custom beverage program and supply you with all the equipment you need - at no charge.

Great coffee is just one part of the equation. Your service provider should have a good understanding of your team and your schedule, and should always be helpful, knowledgeable and punctual. We hire only the friendliest professionals; you are our friends, after all.


Let's talk about it - give us a call at 1-866-292-8363 or contact us here.

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