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Everything I brew, I brew it for you.

Canteen is your friendly, happy neighbour who just wants to make you smile. We supply hip local coffee brands, amazing teas, new products every season, and hundreds of kitchen supplies ready for delivery at the click of a mouse. Always freshly roasted, local, and delivery is free of charge... also ask us about free coffee machine rentals. Whether your office is 1000+ staff or 20, Canteen can customize the perfect program just for you!

Still waiting to be wowed by a world class coffee delivery service? Let us know the best way to get in touch to start the conversation. Just want to take us for a one day test drive - we can deliver fresh pots of coffee, or even supply a whole machine right to your office for you and your awesome team to try, before you commit. Let’s get together for an Americano (or a Canadiano). However we end up meeting, we hope that it’s soon, and we hope it’s over a nice hot coffee, or perfectly steeped tea! Life is too short for bad coffee.

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