Our Coffee - WA-2! Coffee Services

Keep your team productive and happy with phenomenal tasting office coffee and free delivery!

We have all your favorite coffees, teas, dairy and non-dairy options and more! We provide free machine rentals and free delivery to make your life easier. Our smiling WA-2!ers come in on a set schedule to make sure you're always stocked with the best coffee there is.

Better coffee means happier staff, so we only use specialty-grade, top quality products that offer the freshest, best-tasting results. Contact us to book a free trial so you can keep the caffeine flowing.

Let's talk about it - give us a call at 1-877-689-4009 or contact us here.




Decaf Coffee           

Portioned Packaged Coffee


K-Cup and Single Serve Compatible Coffee

Pod (not for K-Cup) Coffees

We deliver across Western Canada, so click below for more information on coffee in your area:


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