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Which office coffee brewers do you supply?

Did you know the coffee brewer can make almost as big of an impact on taste and quality as the coffee itself? We carefully test and monitor the equipment we use, and all rental brewers must meet our strict criteria for performance and reliability.

We have plenty of options for offices of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a five-person operation or a 1000-employee enterprise, we have a machine to supply for you!


Drip Style Brewers

Curtis D500 Drip style Brewer 
Perfect for any office with 10+ staff. This is our go-to workhorse - classic drip style brewing serves the morning rush and lets you easily change roasts.

Curtis D60 Drip style Brewer (short option)
Perfect for an office in need of a drip-style brewer with limited above-counter space (like low cabinets).

Single Serve Brewers

Bunn Autopod
Perfect for an eco-conscious office seeking single cup brewing.

WA-2! K-Cup Brewer
A compact brewer that can be setup as either plumbed-in direct or counter top pour-over.

Keurig B150
Perfect for any office seeking single cup brewing with a wide selection of flavours and options.


Specialty Automatic Brewers

Avalon Total Lite
Perfect for a 50+ staff office looking for convenience and selection.

Avalon Total 1
Perfect for a 70+ staff office looking for convenience and selection.

Simonelli MicroBar Espresso Machine
Microbar is a new generation bean2cup compact machine for restaurants, coffee corners and offices wanting the pleasure of good quality espresso style coffee with medium volume (up to about 80 cups a day).

VKI Eccelenza Touch

This plumbed in bean-to-cup machine is ideal for an office size of 35+ people. This single serve brewer uses two types coffee beans and three powders to create dozens of drink options.

Food Service Brewers

Curtis TP2 Dual Food Service Brewer

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You want to be sure that partnering with WA-2! is a great decision. We get it. That’s why we offer a one-day free trial, where we’ll supply your office with free coffee for a day! Call us at 1-877-689-4009 or fill out this form to get a taste of how happy we make our customers.

We will set up a custom program, just for you! 

How much does your staff love their coffee? We’ll build you a custom beverage program and give you all the equipment you need - at no charge.

Great coffee is just one part of the equation. Your supplier should have a good understanding of your team and your schedule, and should always be helpful, knowledgeable and punctual. We hire only the friendliest professionals; you are our friends, after all.

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