Our Coffee - WA-2! Coffee Services

Keep your team productive and happy with phenomenal tasting office coffee and free delivery!

WA-2!'s Office Coffee Service has got you covered! We have all your favorite coffees, teas, dairy and non-dairy options and more! We provide free machine rentals and free delivery to make your life easier. Our smiling WA-2!ers come in on a set schedule to make sure you're always stocked with the best coffee there is.

We'll set up  an office coffee solution tailored to your needs because we know better coffee means happier staff. We only use specialty-grade, top quality products that offer the freshest, best-tasting results. Contact us to book a free trial so you can keep the caffeine flowing.

Let's talk about it - give us a call at 1-877-689-4009 or contact us here.




                                           Milano coffee     




Decaf Coffee           

Portioned Packaged Coffee

Coffee Labels & Roast Cards


K-Cup and Single Serve Compatible Coffee

Pod (not for K-Cup) Coffees



We deliver across Western Canada, so click below for more information on coffee in your area:


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