Our Promise - WA-2! Coffee Services

Our Promise

We keep our promises... Promise!

Great Taste and Great Service!

We love our customers and aim to provide them with the best experience possible. Great Taste and Great Service is our promise to everyone we come in contact with throughout the day; we want to make your experience great, and leave you with a smile on your face!

Great taste means…..
  1. Our coffee is roasted locally and delivered fresh
  2. Our dairy's so fresh you'd think we have our own cows
  3. We always clean your equipment to ensure you get a consistent taste with every cup
    Great service means…..
    1. Our people are always on time, uniformed and professional
    2. Our people are committed to providing solutions that work
    3. Our people smile, because they truly love what they do

    Energize your people, not just your office.

    When people are thirsty or running low on energy, they can find it hard to focus. WA-2! provides the "liquid productivity" that most offices require to keep their workforce happy and working hard.
    We know that your team members are much more productive when they're busy at work compared to when they're heading outside to buy a coffee elsewhere, so consider a great coffee service as an investment in your business!
    Whether your office is 1000+ staff or 20, WA-2! can customize the perfect program just for you! We are Western Canada's leading coffee and tea service provider and we can't wait to meet your awesome team so we can treat you like family!
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