Sustainability Commitment - WA-2! Coffee Services

Sustainability Commitment

Canteen of Canada Limited is committed to protecting and preserving the environment as much as possible - we do so by offering recyclable and compostable products, ensuring that our fleet of vehicles becomes increasingly environmentally friendly and encouraging our team members to recycle and be less wasteful.


Coffee Grounds Composting

All of our bean to cup coffee machines come with a coffee ground composting program to ensure that we're doing all we can to make your coffee consumption more sustainable. Our Field Account Managers pick up the grounds and compost them at our warehouse! With Growing City, we are doing out best to make the world a better place!


Compostable Coffee Pods

We offer 100% compostable K Cups and tea bag-like pods and encourage our customers to order them as they are gentler on the environment!


Coffee Bag Recycling

We have also recently started a recycling program for our coffee bags - traditionally our ground and whole bean coffee came in foil bags and our customers were having a difficult time figuring out how to recycle them. We got in touch with our coffee roasters and opted to provide the service, which includes picking up the used bags and recycling them through our roasters, free of charge to our customers!

We are committed to doing all we can to preserve our precious world - if you have any additional questions, please fill our our Contact Us form and we’d be happy to answer!

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