Testimonials - WA-2! Coffee Services


With great coffee comes great conversations...

"Our company switched to WA-2! a couple years ago and we have no regrets. Adam is who we usually see each week and he is very friendly, personable, knows the product and the machines. One time, after Adam serviced our office, he left chocolates in and around the machine for the staff to enjoy, that was a nice mid-afternoon surprise. Overall though, WA-2! has been very accommodating and I would recommend this company to anybody looking to switch their coffee provider."
-Karen, BFL

Our company has been using Wa-2! for years now. They provide and service all of our coffee machines. We run a large business with more than one location, with our location housing 5 water coolers, and 4 coffee machines of 3 different varieties. We've always been greeted with friendly faces and kind words, the coffee, tea, sweeteners, and dairy levels are diligently monitored by our rep, David, who does an Amazing job! David has an incredible ability to create harmonious relationships with everyone he's been in contact with. They're always quick to respond to a request, and take note of all feedback provided. Whenever there's a bit of a "hiccup" with one of our machines, they send someone out right away to straighten out anything. Overall, our experience with Wa-2! has always been a good one. The employees are bondable, courteous, efficient, and highly communicative, and we would recommend their services to any business.
-Raven B.

“We just got WA-2! Coffee at our workplace a month ago, and I now look forward to starting my 5 AM shifts. Every morning I have some Buddhakind Full Brazilian Coffee, hands down the best coffee I have ever had!" 
-Jordan, Smithrite
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