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Jamaica Blue Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 32oz


Jamaica Blue Cold Brew is a special blend of Certified Jamaica Blue Mountian coffee roasted, brewed and bottled in Vancouver, BC Canada. Each batch of cold brew is hand made steeping the freshly roasted coffee for a minimum of 24 hours and removing the coffee grounds using a dual cold filtration process. The result is an exceptionally bold, smooth and sweet tasting coffee rich in flavor containing 70% less acidity making it easier to digest than hot brewing methods.

The cold brew process creates a perfectly balanced coffee concentrate. Mix with water or dairy (milk, cream, soy, coconut or almond milk). Serve over ice for the best iced coffee you have ever tasted. Or heat and serve for smooth tasting hot coffee. Be creative and taste the difference.

We suggest making a large batch for your office - 1 bottle Jamaica Blue + 2 litres water + 4 cups of ice and you're set!

This concentrate product is also great single serve - 1 part Jamaica Blue + 2 parts water + a handful of ice. Get refreshed!

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